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Ankeny Racing Enterprises 

About Guy Ankeny and ARE!

I bring to the table 40 years of personal racing experience. I have learned a lot having worked for some of the best companies, like Tilton Engineering and Tri-Point Engineering.

One thing I have learned is that product development is much more productive when it's done "hands-on", For this reason, I have purchased a C-4 Corvette, to build and test the best possible products. These products are only for the "real enthusiasts". The drivers who love corners and want to go faster around them!

During the last two years, while working at Tri-Point Engineering, I spearheaded the C-4 development. I have been influential on the development of Solo 2 cars owned by the likes of Jeff Glorioso, Rita Wilsey and Scotty White. These cars have been very successful, but I felt there could be "more". Not many people can afford "development time", so that's why I've decided to do it myself.

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