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Ankeny Racing Enterprises 

Custom sway bars, brackets and bushings.  We offer complete custom designs that work with and improve on the existing system.

Infinitely Adjustable Blade Front Sway Bars

Most aftermarket sway bars offer at best a couple of adjustment holes to tune your car. To really have control over your race car, a blade adjuster is needed to really fine tune a setup.  A.R.E. can build you a custom swaybar setup to fit your car. Let A.R.E. transform your car too.

Here is an example of the a complete custom A.R.E. blade adjustable front sway bar for a Honda Civic. Easy to install and adjust on the car!
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Most swaybar mounting hardware on cars is not designed for the additional stress of racing and upgrading that is needed to make the car work well. A.R.E. can manufacture replacement parts for your swaybar system that is ready for any racing you can throw at it.

Here are some examples of some custom made sway bar brackets.  Note the left picture the stock bracket in the lower left corner vs the A.R.E. designs in the same picture.

Bushing are another one of our fabrication specialties. Here are some picture of a Lotus Elise with not only fabricated bushing, but shocks and a blade adjust front sway bar.


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