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Ankeny Racing Enterprises 

Custom struts and shock absorbers are our specialty!  We offer several options for your individual needs, and can configure a set of Penske shock for any car.

Penske Shock Absorbers with A.R.E. Valving:
(all prices are in US dollars, and for one shock)

8300 Double adjustable:  $795.00
8760 Triple adjustable:  $1,325.00

The basis for your cars handling starts here, for the front as well as the rear. The front needs to be stable for your steering input, the rear needs to allow the tires to put the power on the ground. Penske shocks put the power down extremely well, even on poor surfaces.

If you had the chance to see Guy's CSP Miata, CM S2000 or the ASP dominating Tri-Point RX7, you'd know what I am referring to. Any of these cars put power down even on the rough Nationals courses in Topeka. Most on-lookers say the cars appeared to drive on rails, never out of shape, always composed. All of these cars were equipped with Penske shocks. Let A.R.E. transform your car too.

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Here is an example of the custom A.R.E. struts using Penske valving.
Another ARE design for a Mazda Miata
This one for a Honda S2000


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